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The Evolution of Gay Porn Cum

Gay porn cum is a form of erotica depicting male sexual acts on camera and film, its history being greatly shaped by these technologies.

In the early 1970s, 16 mm film cameras allowed pornographers to produce underground movies depicting gay male sex and masturbation for sale through mail order or more discreet channels.

Sean Xavier

Sean Xavier is known for his lean six-foot physique and stunning 10-inch black anal. A consummate gentleman, Sean delights his male audience by providing top or bottom sucker action that never disappoints! Starring in movies from Lucas Fox and Next Door Studios like Deep Dicking and Dark Meat. Claiming he can suckle his own cock, it is evident when watching Sean at work that this California stud can easily accomplish this task!

After exploring new methods of depicting sexuality during the 1960s, most gay pornographic films by the 1970s had settled into a familiar pattern. Most film series began with dialogue, before engaging in foreplay (fellatio) followed by anal penetration, ending with close-up shots of an ejaculating penis before cutting to visual climax close-ups of ejaculating penises. Video technology made this format possible as longer scenes could be shown than with costly film stock.

Jon Bae teaches Sean Xavier how to dance, and soon enough the two big-dickted guys begin kissing passionately. Damon Heart eventually joins in, too, wanting to join in the fun, so all three start fucking each other off until Damon double-penetrates Sean’s ass before Jon gives each boy a dick blow and they all share another one while making a daisy chain of dicks before this scene ends.

Dallas Steele

Harold Lopez is an incredible gay stud with an outstanding body. He enjoys fucking top men in popular productions like Carnal plus, being dominant in bed, and showing off his strength and good looks in front of an audience of men. In his Carnal video fucking for camera is just another highlight – but also displays his powerhouse arse! There really isn’t anything that tops the Dallas Steele porn.

Lately, gay pornography saw considerable innovation. Different directors experimented with new ways of depicting sexual acts. Most scenes followed a formula: opening dialogue, foreplay (fellatio), anal penetration and then an emotional close-up of penises ejaculating into penisises – known as a money shot.

As video technology became more affordable, longer scenes became possible to produce. Movies then started being shot on sets with multiple cameras to facilitate actors performing more intimate acts while creating unique jobs in the industry such as fluffers.

Some of the most acclaimed gay pornography stars are heterosexual men who performed for financial gain – commonly referred to as “gay-for-pay.” This trend may have contributed to the mainstreaming of gay pornography during this decade and may have had an adverse impact on how society perceived AIDS/homosexuals generally.

Alexander Lamar

Since Bob Mizer began shooting male sex photography and selling prints through mail order or discreet magazine ads, the gay pornography industry has changed considerably. Today, various studios produce films while online delivery platforms cater to niche genres with ease.

Many of the best gay movies include other forms of lubricants besides semen, such as the popular FT cum lube. Two examples include New York City Inferno by French experimental gay filmmaker Jacques Scandelari in 1978 with its licensed soundtrack by Village People; and Dune Buddies from Jack Deveau’s Hand in Hand Films documenting sexual life on Fire Island during the 70s.

Movies of this era often experimented with novel ways of depicting sexual acts, including foreplay (fellatio), anal penetration and close-ups featuring penises ejaculating in an “money shot.” They also explored different types of intimacy such as bondage and shibari.

Interracial Gay Porn – The Fiction Is More Alluring Than the Reality

There’s no denying that white men fantasize about various sexual partners; but when it comes to ftm porn videos, their fantasies seem more alluring than reality.

Porn studios foster the belief that black men primarily engage in “trade,” often connected with ghetto or street life and having unusually large penises.

Dirk and Eddie

Eddie was a high school dropout with nothing to show for himself except an impressively large penis, until his life changed when discovered by Jack Horner, a porn filmmaker.

Horner took him under his wing, turning him into Dirk Diggler – now one of the highest-billing male performers with an ample set of assets – who now spends his days partying with other porn stars while drinking cocaine.

His biggest challenge lies in staying ahead of the industry and fighting stereotypes that white men only care about black bottoms. For instance, he points to one of his African-American friends and reports how many white guys lose interest when hearing him speak.

Jaime and Sam

Harlem Hookups, a relatively new studio that specializes in fully versatile African-American performers, is pioneering diversity within gay porn.

Sam Thompson was furious with Jamie Laing when he discovered his ex-lover had secretly had an affair with Sophie Habboo behind his back, yet this week on Staying Relevant podcast with Pete Wicks he seemed quite happy about their wedding.

Jamie and Sophie’s wedding was discussed, which both friends described as being like something out of a fairytale. It appears as though any feud between these friends may finally have subsided.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson is an established country musician and television personality, known for working alongside Kortney on HGTV’s Making it Home show. Since his divorce, he has transitioned into real estate sales; currently living in Nashville with three children and an Akita dog.

His sexual versatility is rarely seen in porn, which often portrays black men as trade goods or street thugs. One studio specializing in black male performers is trying to change this by producing videos featuring guys like Eric who has long desired an uncut black cock – now, his wish has finally been granted when he fucks Ayinde Stevens’ 8-inch thick one!


Bobby is an open-minded gay man who appreciates sexual encounters between men of various races and ethnicities. He longs to meet a British Black Cock (BBC). Finally his dream came true when Ayinde Stevens offered up her 8 inch thick black dick as she made an appointment to meet Bobby at her place of employment in Chicago.

They enjoy an exciting gay scene where they suck each other’s dicks while taking turns blowing each other’s pussies – this great scene should not be missed out on!

Don and Tina

There is truth to the stereotype that many white guys fantasize about sex with African-American men who look and act like street gangsters, yet when these same gay guys encounter someone who doesn’t behave and speak like their imagined figure, their interest often subsides quickly.

Porn studios often eschew black performers who possess full sexual versatility; however, Harlem Hookups is beginning to change that trend with their roster of fully versatile African-American performers who could eventually render our list obsolete.

Daniel and Matthew

Daniel Matthew Lemon was born in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England to Lee Brown a finance executive and Kim Lemon a Medical Technology Representative. Daniel and Matthew form one half of cegielski_twins, famed TikTok stars known for synchronized dancing to popular songs by Meghan Trainor and Bryson Tiller among other artists.

Henson Management represents him, and he contributes articles for Huffington Post. Recently he wrote an enlightening open letter to porn producers explaining why more fully versatile black men should be added to their catalogs – we can only hope they listen!

Theo and Chief Ksoi

Theo, a Jamaican man, and Chief Ksoi (an interracial gay couple from Hawaii), give their seed to little white boy Bobby with great delight, but this interracial gay couple must also deal with prejudice and discrimination.

Stereotypes are hard to shake. Even though many white men have never explored their sexual potential with black partners, they still envision black men as heavily-built street thugs who don’t respect boundaries – an impression reinforced by porn studios showing black models with penises so large that they could mix drinks across the room. Writer Colby Alexander suggests producers alter the formula.

Keith and Theo

Gay porn rarely portrays black men with sexual versatility, whereas in all-black or blatino genres they are more often depicted as trade or street thugs.

My friend Mike is African-American and says white men often try to hit on him because he looks like the stereotypical thug they imagine themselves having sex with. Yet when he talks, their fantasies dissolve, and their interest fades quickly. Luckily, one small studio offering fully versatile black performers has recently opened. Perhaps more will follow suit!

Famous Gay Pride Parade US Locations

Besides being a fabulous dance party, many Pride events feature contingents from nonprofit community groups and LGBT-oriented local businesses. This is how you can support the cause and show your solidarity.

New York City’s Pride festivities are rooted in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, an act of resistance that inspired the modern gay rights movement. The parade, officially called the Christopher Street Liberation Day march, takes place in late June.

Los Angeles

New York City’s annual Pride events pack in a lot of people for a ten-day celebration. The parade traces its roots back to the Stonewall riots, which happened in June 1969 in Greenwich Village.

The event often has a political edge and campaigns for acceptance, equality, and protections for the community in cities and countries that have yet to implement them. Despite the recent advancements in LGBTQ rights, anti-LGBT laws still exist in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Some pride events have had to push back their dates this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, London Pride will be held in September 2023, allowing residents to get vaccinated and travel restrictions to be lifted.

Key West

The tropical Florida island of Key West, famed for its pastel-hued conch-style houses and renowned coral reefs, is home to a popular gay pride parade. The celebrations are held in June and feature a number of events celebrating diversity, including a march.

While pride marches started as political protests, many LGBTQ+ communities now enjoy such wide acceptance and protection that they are now festivals of love and joy. However, in over 70 countries around the world, anti-LGBTQ+ laws still exist and homosexuals are often targeted for persecution and discrimination.

Capital Pride is a long event in late June that includes a march, rallies, and festivities. It celebrates the struggles, achievements, and pride of the LGBTQ community.


Located at the tip of the hooked-shaped Cape Cod peninsula, Provincetown is a colorful shebang that celebrates LGBTQ culture with gusto. It’s known for having one of the world’s oldest and largest Pride parades in late June.

The event commemorates the Stonewall riots of 1969, which are regarded as the watershed moment that launched the modern gay rights movement. The riots were spurred by a police raid of the Stonewall Inn gay bar on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village.

AC Dumlao (they/he) is the chief of staff at Athlete Ally, an organization that educates and activates athletic communities to eliminate homophobia and transphobia in sports. They also write the Facebook page Call Me They.


Miami Beach Pride is a party-hard celebration with plenty of events to attend beyond the main parade. You can dine with drag queens, take in a rooftop movie screening, and get splashy at a pool party.

A highlight is the Festival Village, set up near Lummus Park and home to food vendors, merchandise stalls, and information booths for LGBTQ+ organizations. There’s also a stage for performances and speeches, as well as a high-heel race that attracts a mix of twerkers and glamazons.

This year, the event feels a little heavier than usual as Florida lawmakers try to legislate LGBTQ people out of existence. Hence the theme of ‘Unapologetically Us’.

Fort Lauderdale

The pride event in Fort Lauderdale takes place every February or March. A parade is followed by a lively street festival that features food and drink vendors, music, and community organizations.

While the recent passage of anti-drag laws in Republican-controlled states cast a shadow over this year’s celebration, the Fort Lauderdale Pride parade will go on. It will also be held in Wilton Manors, the city’s “gay village.”

The event includes a parade on scenic GAY1A along the beach, block parties, and cultural events. It is one of the oldest Pride celebrations in Florida. This festival is a great opportunity to get to know the local gay community and enjoy its vibrant culture.

Las Vegas

While Pride can be a lot of glitter and rainbows, it also means validation and feeling free. It is also a celebration of survival and community, as well as a call to challenge anti-LGBT laws.

The Big Apple’s Pride Parade is one of the biggest events in the world. It takes place during the month of June and celebrates New York City’s open and welcoming culture. It also commemorates the Stonewall Riots, which is considered a watershed moment in the LGBTQ movement.

The Windy City doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves for its gay pride. However, its annual festival is a major event that includes a parade and weekend of music and performances from the likes of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2 winner Alaska Thunderfuck and boundary-pushing rap and singing sensation CupcakKe.


The largest pride festival in the southeast takes place in Atlanta over an October weekend and has seen crowds of over 300,000 each year. Events include a series of colorful parades, a two-day party in the park spectacular, and a weekend-long schedule of epic circuit events including tea dances and pool parties.

Originally established in 1971, two years after the Stonewall riots in New York, Atlanta Pride is still going strong. The festival is held every October, with the parade stepping off from the Civic Center MARTA station and traveling down Peachtree Street, then turning east onto 10th street to end a block from the Charles Allen gates to Piedmont Park.


For a city that prides itself on being unapologetically its own self, Phoenix’s annual Pride Festival and Parade is a big party. Glittering parade floats, fried foods, and politicians seeking votes abound during this two-day event.

Local creamery and bar, Churn will be offering a Pride-themed flavor this year that will send $1 of every scoop back to pridePHX – a local group that promotes unity, visibility, and self-esteem among the LGBTQ community in Phoenix.

Scottsdale’s Hotel Valley Ho is also getting in on the Pride action this year by donating proceeds from their specially-crafted Prickly Pear Lager to One Community Arizona, Equality Maricopa, and Phoenix Pride. The beer is brewed with kiwi, guava, cherries, and strawberries.

Gay Pride in New York City

If you’re interested in attending the annual gay pride celebration in New York City, read on for some tips and information on how to celebrate this wonderful event. You’ll also discover some great ways to support the community, from shopping and dining to catching performances and watching the march from the sidewalks. And don’t forget to bring your friends and family. Many of the participating organizations and individuals offer a variety of activities and events for the whole family to participate in.

Before and during the gay pride parade, the city is alive with events celebrating equality and the gay community. The parade, a large, fifth-avenue-sized event, pours onto the massive 6th Avenue intersection and leads to Christopher Street. There are many official events, such as Youth Pride and Family Movie Night, and the city’s gay bars and restaurants will host a variety of activities and events throughout the weekend. You’re sure to meet friends and make new ones, so don’t be afraid to join in on the fun!

The march is a civil rights demonstration that celebrates LGBTQ+ equality. The march commemorates the Stonewall rebellion, which began in NYC on June 28, 1970. Today, thousands of people come out to celebrate the anniversary and join in the march. And in the days since the parade, the event has gained even more significance. The Stonewall Inn, one of the most famous gay bars in New York City, is a national monument to equality.

The city’s LGBTQ community is diverse. NYC Pride will honor the community’s past, present, and future, while celebrating diversity and inclusion in all forms. Organizers have made sure to incorporate this diverse diversity into the event’s theme, so that all members of the LGBTQ community are welcome and celebrated. The event will also include several activities to raise funds for charities and other causes. You can sign up to become a part of it!

The annual New York Gay Pride Parade takes place on the last Sunday in June. Organized by the Heritage of Pride organization, the parade goes down Fifth Avenue and ends in Greenwich Village. The route goes past the historic Stonewall Inn, the site of the June 1969 Stonewall riots. In addition to the pride parade, the parade features a celebration of AIDS. There’s a parade route that runs past the Stonewall Inn every year to pay tribute to the victims of the riots.

NYC’s annual LGBT pride event is a festive and upbeat celebration of the community. This event has become a global event attracting millions of spectators and thousands of marchers. As the birthplace of the pride movement, NYC has become a hub for the celebration. The pride march culminates in an epic Pride party. It’s a unique event that’s sure to inspire you! So, make plans to attend this wonderful LGBT event!

The archives contain records compiled by the National Association of Lesbian/Gay Pride Coordinators and the Northeast Regional Conference. The materials in these archives include records about the history of Pride organizations, pictures of Pride events, and photographs of the 1989 Out, Loud & Proud march. In fact, some Pride materials even date back as far as 1991. The archive is part of the Heritage of Pride, Inc., which was formed in order to promote diversity and inclusion.

Gay Pride Miami Beach Celebrates Its 4th Annual Pride the Lights

This year’s gay pride Miami Beach will feature more than a parade and a festival; it will host a variety of events, activities, and speakers, addressing various issues affecting LGBTQ youth and adults. As part of Miami’s Pride celebration, the city is paying tribute to those who were killed or injured in the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

The festival includes a pool party, Legends Ball, art showcase, and numerous events for the entire family. A lineup of performances includes the English R&B songstress Raye, Diva Janice Robinson, and electronic artists Beth Sacks, La Trice Perry, and Zehno. The Miami Pride Parade will close out the festivities on Sunday, April 14.

While most of Miami is LGBTQ-friendly, the South Beach neighborhood is the center of the LGBTQ community. Two beaches, Haulover Beach and 12th Street Beach, are known for their pride-related activities. The LGBT community is thriving in Miami, and the gay beach scene is a vibrant and diverse part of the city. If you’re planning to attend the Miami Pride festivities, be sure to check out a few gay bars in South Beach and enjoy the party atmosphere!

Art-lovers will enjoy the 4Ward Gala, which aims to highlight important social causes and celebrate individuals who are spearheading social causes. The Gaythering hotel hosts Art Gaysel, the LGBTQ answer to the international art fair ArtBasel. Don’t forget to grab a few canapes and cocktails.

The annual Miami Beach Gay Pride is a vibrant ten-day festival that features a Pride Parade. Festival & Parade, and LGBT-friendly vendors. Hundreds of thousands attend the Miami Beach Gay Pride each year. If you’re not quite ready to commit to attending the Miami Beach Gay Festival. You can watch the event online or join the Pride parade.

In April, Miami Beach Pride will bring together the queer community for 10 days of parties. Drag queens, and drag artists. The festival includes pool parties, dance parties, and ticketed events. It is one of the largest and most colorful annual celebrations of queer culture in the world. A gay pride Miami celebration should be a highlight of your trip to Miami. It is sure to be a fun time for everyone! And don’t miss the Miami Beach Pride Parade on April 1 and 10. The event takes place on South Beach and will be a highlight of your Florida vacation.

Gay Friendly Seattle Travel Guide

Gay Friendly Seattle is a genuinely beautiful city, and its surroundings are spectacular. The city’s wealth has exploded in recent years – primarily due to its computer industry. This has brought an influx of energetic, talented young people to the city – including many gay men and lesbians.

Gay Friendly Seattle is centered around Capitol Hill, a picturesque, friendly area with a good selection of gay bars, clubs and eateries. You surely can experience one of the best USA gay places here.

Best Gay bars in gay friendly Seattle

  • Wildrose Tavern – Seattle’s premier lesbian bar.
  • Seattle Eagle – Seattle’s original and best leather bar.
  • CC Attle’s – Cruise bar. Mixed crowd. Good food.
  • The Elite – Oldest gay bar on Capitol Hill.
  • The Cuff Complex – Bear bar. Real men. Older, tougher crowd.

Saunas & Clubs

Steamworks Seattle – Bears, blue collar men, studs, daddies. Cruisy sauna, lockers, private rooms, gay porn jack off room. Basic Plumbing – Sauna & bath-house. Club atmosphere. Good some days, very quiet on others. A tad hit and miss.

Gay Friendly Florida Travel Guide

Gay Friendly Florida in 2021

There are gay scenes all over Gay Friendly Florida – but our favorites are South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Key West. Each has a different scene – we love them all! This is one of our favorites USA gay hotspots.

South Beach is perfect gay friendly Florida party place

This place is hot & steamy – paradise with a pulse. It sure is the happening place – party central. And with the world’s greatest concentration of beautiful gay people, what fabulous parties they are. Check out Lords Gay Hotel.

Fort Lauderdale is amazing spot for money gays

Fort Lauderdale oozes money – a sub-tropical getaway for rich, gay city dwellers. Gay beaches, naked beaches, gay resorts, gay bars and clubs that cater for almost every taste – and the perfect place for sugar-daddies and their fans. Best gay beach? Sebastian Street beach – pictured right.

Key West is more enjoyment type of gay vacation

If you visit Key West you will se it’s laid-back tropical haven – quirky, colorful, warm and wonderful.

KW was the first American city to openly welcome gay tourists – pilgrims to the former home of Ernest Hemingway. These days, Duval Street is the centre of gay life, including the Bourbon Complex, and the scintillating PrideFest Parade every June.

Gay Friendly San Francisco Travel Guide

Gay Friendly San Francisco is a popular tourist destination, with steep hills, a mix of Victorian and modern architecture, and some famous attractions – including the Golden Gate Bridge, a network of cable cars, Chinatown, and the former prison island of Alcatraz.

Gay Friendly San Francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, so the weather here is dominated by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. Which ensure a mild year-round climate with very little difference between summer and winter temperatures. This is really great USA gay hotspot to visit!

For general sight-seeing, we recommend historic Fisherman’s Wharf, The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, take a cable car ride from Fisherman’s Wharf to Nob Hill, visit Chinatown, Golden Gate park, The Marina District, San Francisco Zoo, The Aquarium of The Bay at Pier 39, go shopping in Union Square & Union Street, plus countless art-galleries and museums.

Gay San Francisco Guide

Beyond a doubt, the Castro district provides the most popular San Francisco gay attractions. Here rainbow flags, colorful Victorian houses, fine restaurants, trendy shops and a buzzing nightlife combine to create the a perfect LGBT village. But the Castro is not the only gay scene in the City.

Gay-friendly bars, clubs, and restaurants can be found all over San Francisco

Best Gay bars in San Francisco

The Lexington Club – Extremely popular lesbian bar.
440 Castro – Popular bar with nice outdoor patio. Leather, jeans, bears. Mixed crowd at weekends.
The Café – One of the longest running gay bar/cafes in SF. Gay men & lesbian crowd. Good fun.
Badlands – iconic SF gay dance bar. Always packed. Generally younger crowd.
Powerhouse – Cruise bar with dark room and patio.
Aunt Charlie’s – Drag bar. Great fun. Attracts transgender crowd.
The Eagle Tavern – Leather, denim, bear bar.
Lone Star Saloon – Possibly the world’s most famous bear bar.

Saunas & Clubs

 – Steam & Sex “palace”. Steam, sauna, showers, lockers, and a maze of bunk beds and play areas.
Blow Buddies – Popular safe-sex club.
Mack Folsom Prison – Hard-core sex club and bath-house.
Nob Hill Adult Theater – Live gay nude shows

Gay Friendly New York Travel Guide


Gay Friendly New York – The Big Apple – The City that Never Sleeps – is one of the world’s greatest travel destinations.
For tourists seeking the planet’s most exciting city-break, New York is definitely the answer.

New York has fabulous shopping, stunning modern architecture, scintillating night-life, and incredible museums and galleries. There is so much to do and see here – and the pace of life is electric. This amazing gay friendly USA hotpot is really a place you must visit.

Don’t come to New York to relax!

These days, well-known gay areas such as Chelsea in gay Friendly New York, Hell’s Kitchen and The Village are competing for the pink dollar with rising areas like the Upper West Side, Queens, Park Slope, and even Brooklyn.

Best Gay bars in New York

  • Henrietta Hudson – New York’s most popular lesbian bar. Located in the West Village.
  • Therapy – The place to hang out in Hell’s Kitchen. Beautiful crowd – mostly boys. Some lesbians.
  • The Monster – 30 year old West Village gay bar. Friendly mixed gay and lesbian crowd. Dancing downstairs.
  • Gym – Gay sports bar in Chelsea.
  • The Eagle – Popular Chelsea leather bar.
  • Eastern Bloc – Hot East Village gay bar. Strippers, go-go dancers.
  • Splash – Wild party bar in Chelsea.